Grilled Zucchini Tagine

July 24,2008

Ive finally made use of that tagine I bought in Morocco last year.My long time friend V,and I took a trip to Marrakech and the Sahara desert.The souks in Marrakech were an exotic labyrinth of shops and stalls.Thats where I bought this tagine.And thats where I found out V is [...]

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Enoki Mushrooms,Snow Peas and Crispy Seitan in Sesame Honey Sauce

July 18,2008

Ive walked past boxes of snowy white Enoki Mushrooms at the Asian store.I'd stop to admire these floral looking clusters,but never bought them because I wasn't quite sure what to do with them.But this time I picked up a box,telling myself if they were so pretty to look at I'm sure [...]

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Dijon Herb Grilled Tofu with Mushroom Medley

July 16,2008

This is my veggiefied version of Ina Garten's Grilled Herb Shrimp.Ive made this recipe several times.Ive also made the shrimp version for my carnivore friends.Everyone always loves the herb and dijon marinade!It tastes great in pasta too.Use fresh herbs,it makes a big difference.Dijon Herb Tofu Extra Firm Tofu [...]

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橙色,Ginger,Green Tea Marmalade

July 13,2008

I never eat marmalade on toast,it's so boring!Marmalade exists for a higher purpose.Grill up some tofu with soy sauce and this marmalade.You can use this as a glaze on pretty much anything!Use it on pancakes.Serve marmalade with brie and crackers Make an orange ginger cocktail,with some orange or [...]

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Stir Fried Soy Curls with Spicy Sesame Sprout Slaw

July 5,2008

For a week I'd waited impatiently.Then I came home this evening and there it was outside my front door!My 6 bag shipment of Butler Soy Curls!All the way from Grand Ronde,Oregon.I knew exactly what my very first recipe using soy curls was going to be.A stir fry with soy [...]

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January 24,2008

Eating Latin in England When my sister suggested we go to Las Iguanas,a Latino restaurant,the food snob in me popped up.There was no way I was going to a Brazilian restaurant;British people cant possibly know how to make Latin food.Besides I live in the US,near Washington DC that too,[...]

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